We’re Larsen Walsh,
a global strategic-marketing agency.

We’d like to extend a warm, Northern welcome from the UK.

Like any overnight success, Larsen Walsh was 25 years in the making. Our experience was built within Fortune 500 and FTSE100 companies, as well as significant experience in the start-up world.

From Fintech to Ecommerce, Software to Fashion, we use our global expertise to create world-class strategy, flawlessly executed, with the customer placed at the centre of all we do.

Results Driven
Phenomenal Partnerships
Trade Mark Transparency

We’re proud of our past,
and excited about our future.

We have always believed that the best way to predict the future is to create it. Working at the forefront of the technology revolution, we blend the best of the old-school approach, with cutting-edge, emerging techniques to ensure you and your business lead from the front.

Let’s turn over every stone together.

It is no accident that the Turnstone is the symbol of Larsen Walsh. It is relentless in its search and has incredible ingenuity, creativity and tenacity when it is faced with stones that won’t turn so easily. Together with our clients, we turn the most difficult stones in our path to success.

Unique Perspective

Agencies are not created equally although many offer much of the same. We believe the only thing that truly creates differentiation, is the quality and uniqueness of the thinking – combined with the ability to flawlessly execute. What sets Larsen Walsh apart is our exceptional experience. It brings a truly unique perspective to strategies that deliver outstanding results for our clients.

E2E Strategies

Marketing is just part of the story. We pride ourselves on the ability to remove silos, bringing all areas of the business on the journey together. We seamlessly infuse productivity pipelines with an array of qualified cost savings and cash flow opportunities that go above and beyond. Creating successful buy-in is a signature ingredient of our success.

Full Marketing Mix

The best results are driven by fully integrated programs that are delivered across the entire customer life cycle. Larsen Walsh has extensive and proven expertise across the complete eco-system – from big-brand TV advertising, to digital funnel management, events, internal and external communications.

Efficient Scale

We actively avoid inefficiency and subscribe to the adage, ‘buy cheap, buy twice’. We leverage the best from around the world to nail it first time. You don’t pay for a shiny building (we already own one) or the high costs of a central London location. Every penny is focused on the quality of the end product.


We’re driven by more
than our work…


A global reach
within reach.


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