Stage 1 – Strategy & Planning

Whether a small, internal event, a PR event for a launch, or other special occasions – we’ve got you covered. We can help with every detail including, devising a strategy or theme for your event, choosing a location and producing design collateral and presentations. That is exactly what we did for MAN in 2019 (and two more times since). MAN launched their new truck in Bilbao, Spain and ran an Update and Award Ceremony which we helped to design and produce.

Stage 2 – Production & Direction

Larsen Walsh played an instrumental part in the Bilbao event, managing everything from the event location, stage and audience layouts, art direction, tailoring speaker content, speech delivery curation, confidence building and overall structuring of the entire event. The team worked closely with everyone involved to ensure that everything was planned out and ran as smoothly as possible, with everyone being confident in their roles.

Stage 3 – Design

Larsen Walsh designed all the visual touchpoints in the event as well as overseeing from a management and production perspective. The deliverables came in the form of leaflets, PowerPoint presentations, videos, and everything in between. All elements were delivered consistently throughout the entire event by leaning into the overarching message that was devised in the planning and concept stages.

Stage 4 – Curation

The event was a great success and received lots of positive media attention alongside the launch of the new generation of vehicles. We have had the pleasure of working with them with more events since, which were also received exceptionally well.

Let’s Make Things Happen

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“Larsen Walsh genuinely feels like an extension of the marketing & comms team at Santander. They are dedicated, always on-call, proactive and make my life much easier. In a nutshell, the Larsen Walsh marketing & design teams have brought me peace-of-mind for a quality-price ratio that feels like a bargain.”

Yann Lafargue

Global Head of Marketing & Communications, Santander

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