Stage 1: Briefing

One of our favourite projects to receive at Larsen Walsh is videos, so once approached we eagerly hop onto a call to discuss a general plan with our client.

By doing this we start asking the necessary questions so that we have all the information we need to get a start on this new project, this usually includes length estimates, overall style and the status of the script, along with anything else we think will be necessary to the project.

Stage 2: Planning & Storyboarding

Once we receive the script, the ball gets rolling! We analyze it and pick apart everything we can to fully understand the direction this video should go in, we tend to also find visual connections, pacing clues and any clever animation opportunities if appropriate.

Once our route has been established, we start designing the storyboard, with each screen being alongside the relevant part of the script and an explanation of what’s happening on the screen for full clarity.

Upon completion and approval by the team, we send over to the client for any changes, which we do until everyone is happy.

Stage 3: Creation & Voiceover

With the storyboard approved, we can start to create the video! This usually begins with asset creation so that we’ve got everything we need for a smooth creation process. Once that’s sorted, we crack on with the video, sending drafts and developments to the client to ensure we’re going in the right direction and can make any changes early on in the process. Once the video and script has been fully approved, we may contact one of our many talented freelance voice actors and get them to work their magic so we can finalise the video.

Stage 4: Delivery & Amends

Before the final delivery, we offer one round of large amends, and another round of small tweaks to ensure that there’s no back and forth and frustration towards any parties. Once everyone is happy, a download and viewing link is provided and the project is closed! 

Let’s Make Things Happen

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“Larsen Walsh genuinely feels like an extension of the marketing & comms team at Santander. They are dedicated, always on-call, proactive and make my life much easier. In a nutshell, the Larsen Walsh marketing & design teams have brought me peace-of-mind for a quality-price ratio that feels like a bargain.”

Yann Lafargue

Global Head of Marketing & Communications, Santander

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