Stage 1: Brief & Planning

When approached with a website brief, our first point of action is to organise a call with the client so we can get all the information we need, create a plan, and discuss a realistic timeframe so we’re all on the same page and aware of the next steps.

From that point on, we start researching competitors’ websites, look at other sites for UI inspiration and also look into any psychology studies that could help us create the best and most effective user experience for the new site design. We also confirm the platform on which the website will be created, whether it’s WordPress, Webflow, Squarespace and so on.

Stage 2: Concepting & Wireframing

Once the brief has been discussed and a plan has been confirmed, we start the design process! This begins with gathering all the content so we know exactly what we’re working with, then we’ll prioritise the content so it gives us a clear idea of hierarchy and start sketching out multiple rough layout options, this way we can refine them down later. 

From this point, we start designing our best-chosen layouts in XD and will send them over to the clients once approved by our team. This is what this stage looked like whilst implementing new pages for the UOWE site!

Stage 3: Development and Review

Once a design has been approved by the client, the fun begins! We take the approved design and use it as a reference so we can successfully and accurately implement it onto the platform we have agreed on using.

Once completed we send over to the client to ensure they are happy with everything we’ve done, we open up an opportunity for any changes to the site and will make any changes until the client is completely happy.

From that point on we pass over all the necessary details, as well as providing a contact number in case of any issues down the line.

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“Larsen Walsh genuinely feels like an extension of the marketing & comms team at Santander. They are dedicated, always on-call, proactive and make my life much easier. In a nutshell, the Larsen Walsh marketing & design teams have brought me peace-of-mind for a quality-price ratio that feels like a bargain.”

Yann Lafargue

Global Head of Marketing & Communications, Santander

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