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UOWE approached Larsen Walsh for assistance with creating animated video content. This included content for their websites and social media. We were given a basic idea and script, and were given creative freedom in how we approached the design.

As the brand uses a combination of photography and illustrative assets, we wanted to implement these into the videos we created for them.


After refining a script and rough timings for each video, we go on to create storyboards which outline each part of the video. The idea is always to give the client a glimpse of how the video will work frame by frame.

Our storyboard designs always include movement annotation as well as in depth commentary on what is happening during each part of the video.


The final videos produced by our design team try to reflect the designs illustrated in the storyboards as faithfully as possible, while adding as much detail and value as possible within the time frames available. The client was very happy with the videos we have produced for them, and some of them have been heavily shared online generating brand interest and lots of traffic to their website.

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